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The human body is inhabited by a diverse microbial community that is collectively coined as commensal microbiota. Recent research has greatly advanced our understanding of how the commensal microbiota affects host health. Among the various kinds of pathogenic infections of the host, viral infections constitute one of the most serious public health problems worldwide The commensal microbiota that inhabit different parts of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract have been shaped by coevolution with the host species. The symbiotic relationship of the hundreds of microbial species with the host requires a tuned response that prevents host damage, e.g., inflammation, while tolerating the presence of the potentially beneficial microbes

Frontiers The Commensal Microbiota and Viral Infection

Role of the Commensal Microbiota in Normal and Pathogenic

  1. The vaginal microbiota in pregnancy varies markedly during the entire time of gestation. The species and diversity of the microorganisms may be related to the various levels of hormones during pregnancy. Placenta. Uterus. The healthy uterine microbiome has been identified.
  2. al serotonin by commensal microbiota in mice
  3. Finally, the commensal microbiota regulation of metabolic networks during olfactory dysfunction was identified, based on an integrated analysis of metabolite, protein, and mRNA levels. Conclusion: This study demonstrated that the absence of commensal microbiota may impair olfactory function and disrupt metabolic networks
  4. The commensal microbiome is associated with anti-PD-1 efficacy in metastatic melanoma patients Science. 2018 Jan 5;359(6371):104-108. doi: 10.1126/science.aao3290. Authors Vyara.
  5. Commensal microbiota modulate the cutaneous transcriptome. To measure the genome-wide impact of microbial colonization on cutaneous gene transcription, we sequenced and compared the mRNA transcriptome of skin from mice raised in the absence of microbiota to conventionally raised mice (Fig. 1a).Poly-A enriched RNA isolated from murine germ free (GF; n = 9) and specific pathogen free.

Commensal microbiota modulate gene expression in the ski

The commensal microbiota could be considered an additional organ that not only influences function in the adult, but also development in the neonate. The commensal microbiota is an important component of the host animal's genome. During and immediately after birth, the intestinal tract is colonized by a succession of bacteria Human microbiome, the full array of microorganisms (the microbiota) that live on and in humans and, more specifically, the collection of microbial genomes that contribute to the broader genetic portrait, or metagenome, of a human.The genomes that constitute the human microbiome represent a remarkably diverse array of microorganisms that includes bacteria, archaea (primitive single-celled.

Indoles from the commensal microbiota act via the AHR and IL-10 to tune the cellular composition of the colonic epithelium during aging View ORCID Profile Domonica N. Powell , View ORCID Profile Alyson Swimm , Robert Sonowal , Alexis Bretin , Andrew T. Gewirtz , View ORCID Profile Rheinallt M. Jones , and Daniel Kalma Therefore, these results show that contact with commensal microbiota is necessary for mice to develop inflammatory hypernociception. These findings implicate an important role of the interaction between the commensal microbiota and the host in favoring adaptation to environmental stresses, including those that cause pain The microbiota consists of a large number of bacterial species, and therefore, it is of great interest to specifically identify commensal species that protect from respiratory pathogens. Recent studies have evaluated the protective efficacy of commensal bacterial species in respiratory infections

Commensal Microbiota Promote Lung Cancer Development via

Commensal microbiota modulate the cutaneous transcriptome To measure the genome-wide impact of microbial colonization on cutaneous gene transcription, we se-quenced and compared the mRNA transcriptome of skin from mice raised in the absence of microbiota to conven-tionally raised mice (Fig. 1a). Poly-A enriched RN 1000万語収録!Weblio辞書 - commensal とは【意味】〔生物〕片[偏]利共生生物《共存しながら一方は利益を得, 他方は利益も損害も受けない...「commensal」の意味・例文・用法ならWeblio英和・和英辞 The commensal microbiota may play a role in the initial onset of pancreatic inflammation. In fact, the gut microbiota has a synergistic interplay during this inflammatory process [ 71 ]. Pancreatic damage increases intestine permeability [ 72 ] and causes ischemia and bacterial overgrowth in the gut, translocating intestinal microbiota to the pancreas which may promote secondary infections

The interplay between intestinal bacteria and host

Commensal bacteria (normal microflora), mucosal immunity

Microbiome vs microbiota . Although the terms are used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between microbiome and microbiota. In many contexts, like on this blog, microbiota and microbiome are often synonymous, but you could be forgiven for thinking they are separate entities. It's better to think of them as overlapping definitions.

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  5. The commensal microbiome is associated with anti-PD-1

Commensal microbiota modulate gene expression in the skin

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Commensal microbiota-induced redox signaling activates

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Indoles from the commensal microbiota act via the AHR and

The Science of Wistar: Commensal Microbiota and Cancer

Shahla Abdollahi: Mechanisms of Immune Modulation by the Gut Microbiome

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The gut microbiota and host health: a new clinicalPaneth cells directly sense gut commensals and maintainAntibodies | Free Full-Text | Communication between B
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