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To book reservations, search for you desired journey and add your Interrail pass as a customer card. You will need to have your Interrail pass cover number ready! SBB - Switzerland. To reserve trains within, to, and from Switzerland, go to the SBB website and look for the 'Reserve' button Seat reservations aren't included in your Interrail Pass, but for a small fee they guarantee you a comfy seat on busy routes across Europe. Trains that ask for reservations normally save you time and have lots of extra features, like wifi and power sockets or sleeping facilities, plus you can bag a space next to your friends So you got yourself an Interrail Pass - wonderful! Now you can travel all over Europe. Some high speed, high quality and night trains require reservations. H..

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Seat reservations aren't included in your Interrail Pass - they're an additional supplement charged by some railway companies to make sure everyone gets a seat on busy services.. It can seem like a lot on top of the cost of your Pass, but trains that ask for mandatory reservations normally save you a lot of time, and have plenty of extra features like wifi and power sockets, so you can sit. Trains in Italy will take you across the entire country and its islands, as well as other countries in Europe. Italy's train network is operated by Trenitalia.You can check times for Italian trains in the Interrail timetable or the Trenitalia timetable

It is common practice in night trains that you hand over your Interrail Pass and passport to the train staff. Don't worry, you will get them back in the morning! How many travel days do you use for a night train? When travelling on a night train, you only have to write down the day of departure InterCity trains: Since 2010, railpass holders do not need to reserve a seat on InterCity trains, and there's now no supplement. Seat reservation is optional, cost €3. Sleeper trains within Italy, including those to Sicily: Couchette in 4-berth €41, bed in 3-bed sleeper €48, bed in 2-bed sleeper €58, single bed sleeper €122 To use your Interrail pass on high speed or overnight trains, you need to book a seat reservation or passholder supplement. It guarantees you a seat or sleeping accommodation on the train and is compulsory on certain services

Your InterRail ticket allows you to hop on and off Europe's trains for free, with a couple of exceptions. If you want to reserve train seats in advance, you'll have to pay to do so. And if you want to travel in a sleeping carriage with bunk beds, or on some high-speed intercity trains, you will have to pay a supplement Interrail train reservations Italy. How to buy Interrail reservations for trains in Italy. Information about free train types and trains with compulsory reservation. The Interrail pass is NOT available for purchase in your selected country of residence (USA) EuroNight is a general term used to refer to national and international night train services operating in Europe. The Berlin Night Express between Berlin (Germany) and Malmö (Sweden) is an example of a EuroNight train. Interrail - Eurail passes are valid on EuroNight trains; you just have to reserve a seat or stateroom in advance

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SiDUDe @ 12-05-2009 10:57. There isnt a website that I am aware of that you can do it from. Either do it at the station or, if youre really desperate to book it ring the company who runs the train you are trying to book You can reserve your night trains through our Reservation Service. Please note that the reservation fees given on this page are indicative only and are subject to change. Prices may be different when you book your reservations through an agent or when you pay in the local currency

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Please note that Thalys trains offer a limited number of seats for Interrail Pass holders. Once these seats are taken you will need to purchase a full-fare ticket. To avoid having to buy a full-fare ticket, we advise you to book your seat as far in advance as possible. For Thalys trains you can make reservations up to 3 months in advance Interrail train reservations. Interrail and Virgin Trains (VIG). How to buy a reservation or can I travel for free. Train information, photos and videos. The Interrail pass is NOT available for purchase in your selected country of residence (USA). You have to travel with an Eurail pass Interrail is the railpass range for European residents, giving unlimited train travel on the scheduled train services of the national train operators across most of Europe. It started in 1972 as a railpass for young people, but there are now Interrail passes for children, youths, adults & seniors, an ideal way to explore Europe at ground level with someone else doing the driving

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Answer 1 of 7: Hi everyone. I have just bought an Interrail Pass (any 10 days one) and I would like to visit quite a number of Europe cities in June: Brussels - Frankfurt - Prague - Cesky Krumlov - Budapest - Vienna - Salzberg - Munich While I tried patiently to.. Night trains in Italy offer 4-bed couchettes only. CNL trains in Germany offer 5-bed couchettes only - the sixth berth is usually folded down too and can be used as luggage rack. To travel in a couchette, a 2nd class Interrail ticket is enough (you can of course also use a 1st class ticket) but you will need an additional reservation With an InterRail Pass, you have the freedom to go where you want. Get on the train and discover the secrets of Europe, from the French Alps to the forests of Germany, from the fjords of Norway to the Spanish coast. Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation provides you with an extensive network of services between France and Spain to facilitate your journey


  1. Hi everyone. I have just bought an Interrail Pass (any 10 days one) and I would like to visit quite a number of Europe cities in June: Brussels - Frankfurt - Prague - Cesky Krumlov - Budapest - Vienna - Salzberg - Munich. While I tried patiently to put up my itinerary at their website, a number of trains requires reservation
  2. Hello lovely people, I hope you are well! Omg, if you're watching this, ARE YOU GOING INTERRAILING? If yes i'm so so jelly. It's the best thing EVer. So grab..
  3. The Interrail Train Timetable was really useful throughout our trip for looking up train times. You can choose to search for trains that don't require reservations (just tick the box). This was especially helpful for us in Italy, and we managed to avoid paying for seat reservations for all but one train we took there
  4. d. Ways to find out prices: Eurail Group's central reservations page here (opens in new window) lists information about reservations and lots more useful information about the specific Interrail country of your choice
  5. How to reserve seats on trains. You can make reservations at most train stations as you're travelling around Europe. In some cases, particularly in Western Europe, you can make a reservation for a train from a different country, so there's no need to be in your country of departure when you do it
  6. Interrail grants access to most trains in Europe, but it is not a universal free pass. While local and regional trains do not usually require a reservation, high-speed,.
  7. InterRail Global FlexiPass is valid for 5 or 10 days within 10 or 22 days. InterRail Global consecutive pass is valid for 15 days, 22 days, or 1 month of travel. Your pass is not valid in your country of residence. When traveling on a InterRail Global Pass you will need to acquire train tickets separately for your country of residence

Children under 4 travel for free and don't need an Interrail Pass. On crowded trains, parents may be asked to put the child on their lap, as they're not guaranteed their own seat. If you'd like a seat for your child, you must reserve it in advance by getting a free Interrail Child Pass I show you what interrail reservation tickets look like and how to reserve trains with an interrail pass. Interrail Train Tips! How to TRAVEL EUROPE by TRAIN! - Duration: 8:06 links in the description ️ last video : https://youtu.be/upgSZbGrGL8 hey there welcome to another video ⭐ today i have my ultimate guide to interrail To travel with Eurostar using your pass you need to book your seat in advance and pay a seat reservation fee. You'll be travelling in either Standard or Standard Premier, depending on the class of your rail pass. You must arrive at least 45 minutes before your train departs so one of our team. Thanks for the reply! However my issue isn't with reservations themselves but the pricing. I was aware of the need to reserve seats for certain trains, but my confuision lies in that to reserve a seat in 1st class with a 1st class pass, it is the same price as if I was reserving a seat in 1st class with a 2nd class pass

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Interrail Passes also give you a great level of flexibility, so you can choose when and where you want to travel to by train. Other pass benefits include discounts on certain ferries, entitlement to pass-holder fares on the Eurostar services, European hotels, transport and attractions Make your journey comfortable and relaxing with a seat reservation. For long-distance trains, you can either book your reservation online directly with your ticket or separately, independently of a ticket. You can also reserve seats for some regional trains - these reservations can be made at the ticket machines

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  1. To use your InterRail pass on high speed or overnight trains, you will need to book a seat reservation or passholder supplement. These guarantee you a seat or sleeping accommodation on the train and are compulsory on certain services
  2. Get European train times with the Interrail train timetable, the perfect tool for planning your rail trip. Search for train routes between towns and cities all over Europe. Look up train departure and arrival times. Easily identify which trains you need to reserve
  3. Råd nr 1 for Interrail 2019: Velg og vrak blant alle billettene! Først råd for Interrail 2019 er derfor rett og slett at vi må velge - og vrake. Skal vi få fullt utbytte av det omfattende tilbudet som Interrail er i ferd med å bli, må vi først og fremst vite hvilken reise vi ønsker å legge ut på
  4. Hi guys, in this video I am going to talk about interrail, how to book your train, hostels and foods. I am going to spilt the video into 4 categories food, transportation, accommodation, and.
  5. How do I make a train reservation on a sleeper train from Paris to Madrid using my InterRail ticket before I leave? I need to be in Madrid from Paris to catch a flight home to London on the 6th August. There is an overnight train on the evening of the 5th, but I can't work out how to make a reservation without paying full price. Is there a site I can use where this is possible

Learn how to book train reservations during your Interrail and which is the best pass for you! Welcome to Road Delta :) Twitter: @roaddelta Facebook: faceboo.. The high-speed trains will incur seat reservations charge. You can reserve your seat up to 3 months in advance. You can make your seat reservations with different options: The Interrail / Eurail website - you need to create an account and make your itinerary Find out about travelling around Montenegro by train, including different train types, reservation information & international connections

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Planning Interrail might seem pretty straightforward, but there is a lot of work behind traveling by train. Depending on your ticket, you are not able to travel with all trains. And yes, there are hidden costs. For some trains you have to pay a reservation or a booking fee. Here you can find the different types

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The majority of Europe is well-connected with national train networks. With an Interrail pass, you can hop on and hop off trains as you explore to your heart's content. But how does it all work? which allows you to reserve seats in advance for free. Armed with your Interrail pass, you can enjoy a cost-effective, convenient way to travel Interrail Night Trains / Overview of all Night Train in Europe To travel by night train on your Interrail journey is a positive experience. Meet other travellers and enjoy the time on board in a couchette or sleeper. The most important information about Interrail and night trains we already listed on rail.cc. Find all night Night trains Read More Vous avez déjà votre Pass InterRail ? Sur certains trains, vous aurez besoin d'effectuer une réservation de place. Vous pouvez le faire directement sur OUI.sncf. Par ici pour en savoir plus

Allo allo! Welcome to my 'how to interrail through Europe' video! I hope this video will help and guide you in your interrrail trip. I'll talk you through ho.. You need reservations for any journey you want to take on a high-speed or night train in Europe. You cannot travel on these trains without a reservation. You can make reservations for almost all European trains up to 2 months before the date of travel (3 months for certain services) via www.interrail.eu and at DB sales points Eurail is not a train operator and there no special 'Eurail' trains, you use any and all of the regular trains run by the participating operators. The national train operators who participate in the Eurail scheme have created a Eurail scheme management company, with a small marketing organisation based in Utrecht in the Netherlands who manage both the Eurail & Interrail schemes Reserve your seats through the Interrail.eu Self-Service: Our Self-Service lets you make reservations for many trains in Europe. E-ticket reservations can be booked up to 3 hours before the train's departure. Paper ticket reservations have to be booked at least 6 days before the train's departure. When a train can't be booked through our self-service, you can find alternative ways to book your.

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In this case, you reserve a particular seat on a particular train, so even if the train was late and it is not your fault, you will have to pay again to reserve another seat on your next train. Thus, I advise you to try and avoid short connections and don't be late for the trains you have reserved On crowded trains, parents may be requested to put the child on their lap, as they are not guaranteed their own seat. If you would like a seat for your child you must reserve a seat in advance; however, an Interrail Child Pass is required to make a seat reservation Our interrail timetable app shows no service between Sofia and Thessaloniki so we have to trust him. The train on Platform 1 West looks like a 1980s Northern Rail Sprinter pimped up by a collective of Bulgarian graffiti artists. Train graffiti is a big scene in Bulgaria; on some trains you can barely see out the window for tags

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Answer 11 of 11: I understand with an interrail pass you still might have to reserve trains on certain routes? But how would you do that once you already have the interrail pass? I'm thinking about a euro trip next year across a few countries, and like the idea.. Hello there, ​ We are in some what a called f- up. We are a group of 6 and bought interrail tickets. We just thought about reservations.. Explore Europe by train! Travel in up to 30 European countries with an Interrail pass: Switzerland, France, Italy, UK, Spain and many more... Why travel by train? 1. When travelling by train there is no check in. 2. Travel direct from city centre to city centre. 3. Enjoy comfort, relaxation and a time to chill out in the train. 4

The Thello night train runs daily from Paris to northern Italy. The Thello day train goes between Milan and the French Riviera. Find out more What specifically are ¨interrail tickets¨? If you are referencing some type of rail pass, in France TGV, Téoz, and Lunéa trains will require your purchasing a reservation for each journey. iDTGV trains are unavailable to pass holders but the the rest of the rail system is very accessible.. As for other countries, you might post either in the Train Travel forum or in each countries. An Interrail Pass is a single travel document that lets you travel by train in one or more European countries. With an Interrail Pass, you can explore up to 31 countries without having to buy separate point-to-point tickets You can reserve your seats on Swiss trains at SBB.ch, SBB Mobile, via SBB Contact Center 0848 44 66 88 (CHF .08/min.) or direct at the ticket counter. It costs CHF 5 per seat to make a reservation. Please note: Reservations can lose their validity if there are changes to rolling stock at short notice Interrail ticket holders do not need to pay a supplement for travel on the the domestic Intercity Direct trains running Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport-Rotterdam-Breda. It is also possible to travel freely on the Amsterdam-Berlin Intercity and ICE international trains (Amsterdam-Dusseldorf-Cologne-Frankfurt), although you can pay an optional €6 to reserve a seat on the ICE

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For seats on trains we cannot reserve, you will have to wait until you are in Europe and head to the station to make the reservation. Please note: If you board the train without a reservation you can be fined up to $65 USD per person and have your rail pass confiscated, which means you'll lose whatever days of travel you have left on the pass Some trains need to be booked in advance. Our guide has everything you need to know about making seat reservations on your Interrail train trip

An Interrail pass must be activated before you can start using it. It must be activated within 11 months of when it is issued by Interrail. You can either activate your pass at a European train station or have Interrail pre-activate your pass by selecting the activate my pass option at checkout. More Information Some trains that require a reservation have a specific number of seats set aside for Interrail/Eurail pass holders. If you wait too long, you may not get a spot. By that point, train, flight, and bus ticket prices may be significantly higher too

Manarola Train Station (Cinque Terre) Guide | ItaliaRailMonterosso Train Station (Cinque Terre) Guide | ItaliaRailVernazza Train Station (Cinque Terre) Guide | ItaliaRailLjubljana To Milan By Train (Via Trieste & Venice

I'm trying to reserve seats from Paris to Basel but the site continually says... jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random-users | AskReddit-news-funny-pics-gaming-aww limit my search to r/Interrail. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in subreddit. The Interrail Continous pass allows you to travel every day whenever you want, within the 30 participating Countries. You can choose to travel: 15 or 22 days continuous or 1 month continuous Benefit: On each travel day, you can take as many trains as you want The fastest way to travel from Berlin to Prague is by taking the EuroCity train. This modern and luxurious train will get you to your destination in just over 4 hours. It departs 8 times per day. For actual travel times, check out our timetable. When traveling on the EuroCity train, you will see some truly amazing scenery What is Interrail? Interrail is a train ticket that allows you to make as many train journeys as you like in 33 countries in a given period. It allows you to travel through Europe by train at an all-inclusive price: simple and inexpensive. However, there are a few subtleties that you have to pay attention to when using Interrail

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